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My Name is Paul Casey and my mission is to simplify ecommerce strategy on every level and guide SME businesses to cost-effective online success.

We have experience in working with ecommerce start-ups and small brands in Manchester to companies across the Europe, we have a quick and simple process that enables you to move forward without complicated and costly agency fees.

A unique approach to ecommerce strategy

From the initial strategy to implementation we guide you all the way to ensure that you get the results your business needs.


We get results for clients and our first step is always to audit the existing strategy, make recommendations then move forward with an ecommerce roadmap. We have also developed agile ways of working for our clients that breaks the traditional agency model by giving the client more insight and control.

I've worked in the digital industry in Manchester since 2007 both client side for Betfred and agency side for the past 10 years. During this time the industry has changed significantly and in 2020 the entire world has shifted more to a digital focus and making the right digital strategy decisions for your business is more important now than it ever has been. 

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Ecommerce Consultancy

A lot of business owners that I've met over the years have been great at running their business but the majority have struggled when it comes to growing their online store.


The amount of CEOs and MDs that don't trust people in digital then try to make decisions and get frustrated with the lack of ROI is far to common, particularly with the brands I've working with in Manchester and London.


This is the reason why I want to help brands understand the decisions they are making when it comes the website platforms and digital marketing, the amount of wasted time and money on the wrong strategic approach in digital is criminal.

Why am I the right people to help your with ecommerce strategy?

My experience of working with large brands like Adidas and Ted Baker plus that mixed in with growing start up Shopify sites from zero means I have been through many learning processes about what works and what doesn't work for different companies.

How do I help you invest in the right areas?

My approach is to always investigate the challenges that you have as a business and then map out what your bespoke ecommerce roadmap looks like.


You might think you need a new website in reality you might need better content and marketing, or you think you need to invest in Google Ads when you actually need to improve your conversion rate of existing traffic channels.

Either way we create a plan that is right for your budget and goals.

What types of ecommerce consultancy do you offer?

General digital consultancy - this could be anything from your hosting provider to what marketing team should you recruit in house to run your campaigns. 

Online Shop consultancy - if you are decision to move to a new website platform or if you aren't happy with you existing ecommerce site (no one is!), I will provide you with the best advice which will mean you move forward.

Digital Marketing consultancy - if you are spending money on digital marketing and you aren't happy with the results or if you are looking to invest in new channels you really need to understand the detail. We can help you cut through the marketing bull s*** and make pragmatic decisions to grow traffic and sales.

Content consultancy - the rise of costs of producing content is real and most businesses will try to create content in house but it is difficult to turn your team into a content machine. We can help you with this by providing a plan for your blogs, videos, imagery, social media content and more.

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