Payment Terms and Conditions

All values are ex VAT with payment terms being strictly net 14 days from date of invoice. 
This offer is open for acceptance in the next 14 days or otherwise sold in accordance with our terms and conditions of sales attached.

Any additional/outstanding project costs outside of the above will be invoiced separately, outside of the above schedule.

Delivery dates of digital projects, marketing, websites and any other services provided by Casey Digital are subject to the client adhering to the requested deadline dates for data, information and of signing off the various stages / elements. Should these deadline dates not be adhered to then the delivery date of a product and service by Casey Digital may be affected. 

On receipt of acceptance of this offer either in writing or by way of a deposit payment it is understood that the client agrees to the above values. Any variation to the above figures will only be accepted if either party notifies the other of any amendment in writing prior to the product, service and or priced element commencing, and the amendment is acknowledged and agreed in writing.

Any variation in the volume of website content, marketing or other services compared to the proposal above will be charged for on a pro rate basis or a time basis, plus material and expenses if applicable, either of these alternatives is at the discretion of Casey Digital.

It is understood that the proposal includes a certain amount of alteration, adaption and rework of creative and design, but should major rework be required, although the brief has been adhered to, it is agreed that deadline dates may be affected and any work over and above what is reasonable may be charged for.

Casey Digital take no responsibility for any services / products not outlined in the above proposal and take no responsibility for any recommendations of third party products, services or facilities. It is up to the client to ensure any recommendations are correct and fit for purpose. Should any problems due to technical or server issues, Casey Digital reserves the right to revise the schedule, objectives, goals and KPIs submitted against the original scope.