Everyone Hates Marketers but everyone loves Hotjar

In this episode of the Casey Digital Podcast, I interviewed Louis Grenier who is a Senior Marketing Strategist at Hotjar and host of the Everyone Hates Marketers podcast.

We discuss how to cut through the marketing bullshit and get to the really valuable content for your audience.

Topics we covered:

  • Starting out with the Everyone Hates Marketers podcast from hosting an event and interviewing people

  • Louis started out by interviewing business boot-strapers and marketeers to find out their secrets

  • EHM was part of the first wave of marketing podcasters with a difference and he puts a lot of his success down to getting feedback and focusing on "No bullshit" approach - Learning from his guests has been really energising and valuable to Louis

  • The podcast schedule is the most gruelling aspect of running a popular podcast

  • Getting help with his podcast for editing and marketing helps Louis keep the podcast going every Tuesday

  • Helping people with marketing during lockdown

  • The future of EHM podcast is to educate people on the marketing fundamentals and giving people guides to stand out

  • The real truth about Seth Godin and his marketing advice (must listen)

  • How Neil Patel grew his digital product empire

  • Louis gives us an insight to what it's working for Hotjar

  • How Hotjar is going to grow in the future with new features

Louis' tips for marketers:

1. Marketing - it's all about your market, it's not about you!

2. Giving value up front is so important when it comes to building a funnel

3. Be aware of the shiney new marketing tools and trends and try to cut through to use evergreen tactics

4. Focus on the first principles for your marketing and why are you relevant from the people first approach

5. Make sure you get a good balance of feedback from real customers (real people) instead of just looking at data all the time

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